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*****Grove Update 7/25/20*****

Effective August 1, 2020, all visitors and returning residence entering Massachusetts must follow new travel orders.

Any resident or visitor arriving from a non-exempt state must  follow the requirements  outlined in the link below.

Exempt States Include:

Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

*****Grove Update 6/22/20*****

1.  Effective immediately, please contact the office, (508) 398-0300, before digging any holes, including plantings, fence posts, footings, etc. to verify that you will not puncture the membrane  covering the leech fields, as this can cause contamination resulting in substantial costs to repair.

2.  Secondary hookups for sinks, indoor showers etc. to the new septic system are the responsibility of the cottage owner.  Please contact Keith Johnson at (774) 696-6730 for further information.

3.  We will be installing security cameras at the yellow barn to monitor people disposing of any type of debris or trash.  We are not responsible for disposing of the junk that you choose not to deal with.  Violators will be fined $150.00.

4.  Due to the pandemic, this year's 4th of July parade has been cancelled.

Dear Residents:

We hope this update finds you well and that you and your loved ones are safe and in good health.  The COVID-19 Emergency has affected all of us, and this posting is to explain to you the status of events at Chase’s Ocean Grove and our current plans for opening the property with a tentative opening date of May 9, 2020.

After a very careful review and analysis of the various Emergency Orders issued by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and after consulting with the health department of the Town of Dennis, Massachusetts, we have reached the initial conclusion that the cottages at Chase’s Ocean Grove are “residences” and are not subject to the restrictions placed on short-term lodging, on hotels and motels, or on vacation rental properties.

The following guidance is in effect at least through May 18th and may be further extended by the governor.

       Out-of-state residents are “strongly encouraged” by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to self-quarantine for 14        days.

       There is a shelter-in-place order limiting trips to grocery stores, pharmacies, medical care and other essential travel.

       Residents are asked to maintain social distancing of at least six feet and groups of more than ten are prohibited.

       CDC guidance suggests people wear a mask when in public spaces to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 as                   asymptomatic individuals are known to spread the virus.

       Chases Ocean Grove beach will be open but we are requiring people to adhere to the above guidance.

       Wherever possible we ask that you bring what you can from home including paper products, food, cleaning                       supplies etc., as some of these items are in short supply and the uptick in summer residents may deplete store                 shelves quickly.

       Rentals of 31 days or less are prohibited under the Governor’s order and under these restrictions no cottages may           be rented out except to persons who are performing “essential services".

       The office will remain closed until further notice.  Business will continue as usual and I can be reached at the office           number or via email.  We will be constructing a shed near the office for package deliveries and pick-up during the             day.

 You are each considered a resident coming into Massachusetts from outside the Commonwealth, and you therefore are each individually responsible for complying with the laws and Emergency Orders applicable to a person entering into or residing in the Commonwealth.

Chases Ocean Grove is not responsible for enforcing, nor shall we attempt to enforce, these laws and Emergency Orders, and we cannot safeguard its residents against the risk of exposure to COVID-19.  If you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 or suspect that you may have been exposed to COVID-19, we ask that you consult a physician before traveling to Chases Ocean Grove. For all residents traveling to the Grove this summer, we are using this posting to remind you of your obligations and to assist you in maintaining compliance.  We may post reminders at one or more public locations at Chases Ocean Grove, including the prohibition on assembly of more than ten persons, recommendations and guidelines on social distancing, and other issues, but it is your responsibility, and solely your responsibility, to comply with the orders and guidelines issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Town of Dennis. 

Below are links to certain Emergency Orders and related guidance, including the short term rental guidance, the stay at home order, the travel advisory, and the prohibition on gatherings of more than 10.  We advise anyone traveling from out of state to review the Covid updates and to familiarize themselves with the orders in place in Massachusetts.

The Health Department for the Town of Dennis has been an excellent resource to us and will be to you as well.  The website is located at this address:

 We appreciate everyone’s efforts in continuing to make Chases Ocean Grove a safe, healthy and enjoyable experience during these trying times.

Please feel free to contact us at the phone number and email address below if you have any further questions.  We look forward to seeing you on or after May 9th!

Mark S DeWitt