Fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts and are not permitted in Chases Ocean Grove.

2018 Season - May 12, 2018 through October 15, 2018

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                             Amerigas Propane Cylinder Exchange is now available at the office.

This map insert of Chases Ocean Grove shows an area that is private property along the southwest section of Skipper's Way.

The section of the beach shown is not to be used by anyone staying at Chases whether as a cottage owner, renter or guest.

A violation of this provision may result in the expulsion of any renter or guest without recourse and/or the termination of a

Cottage Owner's Lease.

Note: Brush will be picked up on the 15th and 30th of May and on the 15th of the month thereafter. There will be no special

pickups for brush/pine straw or yard waste.

1) Pine straw and leaves must be put in biodegradable paper bags prior to pickup.

2) All cottages must have clearly visible outside numbers. If a cottage is found without a number, Chases Ocean Grove

    will affix numbers at the owner's expense.

3) No glass of any kind is allowed on the beach.

4) Smoking is NOT permitted on the beach.

5) Please observe the 5 MPH speed limit.

6) Dogs are NOT allowed on the beach or beach road.

Beach Bracelets are required on the beach. Children 10 and under are exempt.  Renters are encouraged to have a check

available for bracelet deposits as the check will be returned when the bracelets are turned in.

Please be advised that we have begun construction for the new water system on the north side of Old Wharf Rd. Please exercise caution when entering the property since the roads are being excavated to lay the new water pipes. All roads will be passable by opening day.